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A range of other recommended links and free resources about marriage and divorce

Religion, Divorce, and the Missing Culture War in America EXCELLENT !!
Political Science Quarterly, 125:1 (Spring 2010).
by Mark A. Smith

Do You Have Any Doubts About Remarriage?
A question of doubtful action rather than absolute certainty. "He who doubts is damned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith, and anything not from faith is sin." Romans 14: 23 By God's grace, and with love for all families wounded by the effects of remarriage, this tract is written.
By Rick Friedrich

Sex, God, and Marriage
In this groundbreaking book, Arnold, a pastor for almost forty years, addresses the pain resulting from broken relationships and the misuse of sexual intimacy. He provides fresh biblical insights into critical issues including the sacredness of sex, the struggle against temptation, the decision to remain single or to marry, child rearing, homosexuality, divorce and remarriage. Sex, God, and Marriage offers healing to anyone who has known discouragement or guilt - and hope to anyone who is willing to take a bold new look at a topic of universal interest and concern.
By Johann Christoph Arnold Read More

Marriage and the Good News of God
What is the place of marriage in the wide setting of God's purpose for the whole of creation? In marriage we are tapping into the revealed secret of God's purpose for the whole universe and we are giving very practical expression to it. What is marriage and what is it for? What is the place in marriage of sexual attraction and appreciation of each other between a man and a woman? Is there a rightful ordering of relationships in marriage? How sustainable is marriage in the 'real' world of today? What of marriage breakdown, and the alternative reconstituting of relationships? What about family life and bringing up children?
By Martin Bleby New Creation Teaching Ministry

Paul’s teachings on divorce and remarriage
ByRay Wenger Wenger Ministries

Message on Marriage and Divorce
By David Feeling Early Church Truth

Divorce & Remarriage a Biblical View
Great article however be warned: unfortunately the writer does not preach repentance of a remarriage (adultery)
By Colin Jones

Called to Faithfulness
God at Work in Broken Relationships
By Various Contributors Read More

What is the real reason homosexuals want to legalise same-sex marriage?
Same Sex Marriage, the Homosexual Cocktail & the Pseudo Christians, Letter to Australian Federal Politicians
By Michael Whennen

When is Divorce and Remarriage a sin?
This is a thorough bible study about divorce and remarriage, showing when it is a sin, and when it isn't. The importance of this study can be measured by the rapid rise in the divorce and remarriage rate in many countries during the last century, to such a degree that some countries now average more than one divorce for every two marriages, and it is still increasing.
By Roy Page

What is "Some uncleanness" for Divorce Deuteronomy 24:1?
This bible study is a scriptural analysis of the phrase 'some uncleanness' for divorce Deuteronomy 24:1.
By Roy Page